Understanding how to deal with depression…

This is a very heartfelt subject to discuss, but is necessary as we will all go through depression at some part of our lives. We all need to recognize that depression is a part of life, whether it comes from a relationship ending, the death of a loved one, the feeling of being alone, or the day to day Robin Williams in Las Vegasstruggle of life that we go through. In this blog I will discuss the foundation on how to deal with depression, and successfully break through it.

With depression there are so many levels that effect all of us differently. We may just be sad at moments, but then we may have months where we cannot produce the slightest smile, or find joy feelingdepressed_chadgrayotblog in anything other then the part of the day where we stopped breaking ourselves apart for a single second. No matter what your level is, or how long you have been going through depression, in every way, it is all linked. By taking three simple steps you can progress through your days, fight with more power to overcome your depression, and seek happiness and hold onto it.

The first step to overcoming depression is figuring out what it is that is causing it. More times then less do we find ourselves getting upset, then more upset, and it keeps increasing until the Causes-of-Depression-chadgrayot-blogpoint that we feel it is unstoppable. We let something little turn into something massive and it just chain reacts into so many negative things that we cannot even point out what created it. So what you need to do first is figure out EXACTLY what is creating it. Take the time to write down the past year, month, days, and pin point on the spot what started your feeling. Maybe it is because you lost a relationship you loved, and you miss it, or it could be because your health is not where it should be, or how about because you aren’t where you want to be in life. These couple examples are just some of the most common to get your head thinking, but there are billions of different things that it could be. Just figure it out, and write it down.

Now that you have written down what is causing your depression you can move onto the next step. Step two of overcoming depression is understanding what it is doing to you. You need to look at yourself and write down right next to what is causing the depression in the first place, all depressed_feeling_feelingdepressed_chadgrayotblog_chad_grayot_of the things the depression is doing to your life. You might be non-motivated to do anything at all? Or maybe you are hiding yourself from your friends, family, loved ones, the world? Maybe you cannot sleep, and find yourself driving to work crying just because it feels that much better? Is it allowing you to loose sense of love, taste, touch, a smile, a good laugh, warmth, or more? Sit and look into the mirror and see inside yourself what effect you have been feeling since the depression started. While looking into the mirror you might start to cry, it might make you mad to the point to want to scream, or it might even make you look away in fear, but take it all in. Feel what it is doing and know exactly how horrible it feels whether it is small or so large that you might feel life is over. NOW WRITE DOWN WHAT IT IS DOING TO YOU.

Now that we know what is causing the depression and what it is doing to you, we are ready for step three. Step three is gaining control and understanding that YOU, and only YOU, control your emotions. You need to take a look at your life, and put YOU back in control. The point that YOU allowed depression into YOUR life is right when YOU allowed it. When depression happens depression_fine_chadgrayot_blog we forget that we are the master of our own moods. No one can pinch us and we turn mad, or yell so loud that it forces tears to come out of our eyes, or look at us in any way that our brain shuts down our positive feelings. All of this happens because we forget that we control our own emotions. So now is where we gain control, we look into that mirror, see the life we want to live, and overcome our past and start our future now. Now is the only time and always the best time to take anything that has ever happened and leave it in the past to dissolve away.

Understand what you have been going through, what it is doing to you, and overcome it. Leave it in the past, move on to the future that will let you live. Now go make it happen. depression_overcomingdepression_chadgrayot_blog

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