Understanding the importance of celebrating your birthday when you are an adult…

So when we were kids we use to throw the best parties right? And I mean the best. All of our friends would be there, we would reminisce about the past year we had, and just enjoy the day. So have you noticed that as we start to grow older the birthdays are becoming less and less each year then the prior year? All the sudden we are ok with just going to dinner with a friend or Kids-Birthday-Party-Supplies-chad-grayot-blogtwo, or maybe even just having dinner at the house. It seems like we care less just a little bit when the next one comes. But how come? And why does it matter so much?

So I am writing this blog off of a personal experience. Recently I turned 29. That’s right, the big old 29, the last year in my 20s and right at the brink of my 30s. So truthfully I didn’t even have a care in the world to celebrate it. I felt the fear of my last year in my 20s and couldn’t stop thinking about how fast the years had gone by and how much I hated it. I was definitely depressed over my birthday. But this was the wrong attitude…in every way.

So maybe some of you have felt this, or as the years fly by start to care less and less about those birthdays of yours and I am here to change that thought. What created this blog was how my perspective was changed. My friends threw me a surprise party, brought pictures of us from the past year doing whatever we had done together, and started throwing story after story at me that we spent together. I started to look back and realize how much fun I truly had that year, and how each year seemed to keep getting better. I allowed myself to see how the New Year would bring endless stories filled with fun.

So when we look back at the past year maybe it was great and maybe it was not. It allows us though to take the good memories and hold onto them and let go of the ones that didn’t make us happy. It allows us to start a New Year off just like StopWorrying-birthday-chad-grayot-blog-motivationthe actual New Year, but for us. I mean face it, we cannot prevent birthdays, they will just keep happening. So what we need to do is enjoy them. Sit back and be thankful that we are still up and running, breathing each day, and moving on to the next. We are gifted with the moment to look onto the past, and decide our future. The best part, is tomorrow holds for us whatever we decide to do with it. We can change our lives in any way, depict our future, and make it happen.

Now out of all the jiberish, what we need to understand is how important each year is for “US”. When that birthday starts to come, create a birthday bash that you had when you were a kid. Invite friends you haven’t caught up with in a long time. Get the whole family there who you haven’t hung out with enough over the years. Get some good food and BBQ or go do something that reminds you that you are young at heart and will always be. Then once you have all those people, look back at all the good memories you have created and get excited for another year to come. Sit there and reminisce for hours and let go of all the worries in life. It will fee amazing.

Now plan that next birthday. Get everyone involved, and enjoy life in every way. Make the next year better than the last, and don’t stop. You got this. memories-chad-grayot

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