Understanding how kids should be an adults role model…

So kids as roles models? Makes no sense right. I mean, as adults we are responsible, educated, and smart, have learned so much from experiences, and are even allowed to drive. So all of that is not what this blog is targeting, what it is targeting is our ability to let go of the idea that life is so formal and serious, and get back to what is fun.

When we see kids, what do we see? We see fun. No matter what they are doing, they are having fun. At home playing outside funny-kid-game-playing-doctor-chad-grayotby themselves, or running around in circles playing tag at the park, or drawing silly drawings that you can’t even tell what they are. They even might just be sitting at a doctor’s office playing on the race car carpet that they have while waiting for an appointment. You have to admit that was pretty fun messing with those basic toys that the doctors had available to us. So why don’t we do that still? Is it because it is not fun? Or we don’t like to zoom a toy car around a track? No, it’s not that at all. We don’t play with that stuff anymore because we have this mental idea that we cannot. We feel others will judge us, or that it is not acceptable for adults to be having fun everywhere we go and with everything that we do.

So this is why we need to look at kids to be our role models. We need them to be our reminders that life is about having fun, and always having fun. It does not matter if it is at work, at school, home, or anywhere else. It just matters that we create the experience of everything that we are doing to resemble some sort of enjoyable feeling while doing it. We are set in such a system these days that others don’t even contemplate changing their current environment to be a little more fun. We vaguely see it these days that we forget what it is like.

Changing certain environments to become more amusing are going to be easier than others, but all can be changed. At home is the easiest as you control the environment because it is your own place. Think about it this way, how come no one has a work-fun-getty-chad-grayotfireman pole in their two story house, a drinking fountain in their back yard, or hidden doors that lead to short cuts around their house? Because they forget they can. With work however this is a little more difficult but still really not that hard. Look at companies like Google. They have nap rooms, ball pit offices, places you can go to pop bubble wrap and more. How come they do this? Because it is fun. And further more look at how successful companies like this are. Incredibly successful because they are having so much fun they don’t see the miserable aspect of work all the time.

Now as you start to change things, start small. Over time it will spread more and more until it is perfect. With your office, maybe brighten up the colors. Take down the wall to wall cubicles and use plants and strings instead. Whatever it may be it will make a huge difference from the minor change that you make. Maybe get a firetruck and make it into a mail box at home, put hop scotch steps up to your front door, and a goofy door bell ringer that changes each time. Simple things like this matter.

Anything you do, you will love it. Let your mind get creative and start to have fun. Don’t let the fun ever stop, but let it spread all around you. Start smiling while you walk, and start laughing whenever you feel like it. Toss a little hop in your step, and fun-at-home-fire-pole-chad-grayottwirl when it feels right. Start using kids though as your role models to having fun when you forget and let them always be your reminder. Now get out there and make it happen.

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