About Chad Grayot

Here is a video to let you know what my blog is about and the brand image I represent.

Welcome to the all about me page. I just want to touch basis and inform those who are interested in my posts and following me with some information about myself.

So I am currently going to school focusing on my Masters in Business Administration studying various fields from personalities and behaviors, to the inter dynamics of successfully operating companies. What I really enjoy doing however working with people and driving them to utilize their full potential. You might be asking yourself what this might mean as it is very vague and be taken in many different ways. To put this into perspective in the easiest way for me would be for me to ask you how many times you have woken up and the first thing you did was smile? Or when you walked down the street last or through a grocery store how many people you said hello to that you passed? Or even further, how often when you drive do you just admire everything that you see on your way to work or school? If you were unsure about any of this and might really be thinking about it now, this is where I come into play.

I am the type of person to say hello to you when you pass me. I will make it an effort to reassure you make the best of your day if I run into you or am around you. What I strive on, and try my hardest not to forget is to make sure to smile when doing nothing, and laugh at the first opportunity. Join me and let us enjoy our lives together.

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