Understanding how to build frienships you lost…but want back

Friendships come and go we all know this. Most of the time though is it because we are growing older, move away, started a family or many other reasons. But sometimes friendships fade because of something that happened and we don’t want them to end. It might have been a fight, our stubbornness, a-i-miss-our-frienship-chad-grayot-blogsomething so stupid that might have happened one day where we took our anger out on that person when we shouldn’t have, or so many other simple things that messed the friendship up. It could even be one big misunderstanding. This blog will guide you through the basic steps in developing the lost friendship that you want back.

So the first step we must take is letting our pride go, kick out our stubbornness, and be willing to be the better person no matter what the situation was that occurred. This is essential because both parties are always going to be stubborn. One person might have gotten hurt or affected so much that it disrupted their thoughts to ignore all the fun times you had that disallows more to happen in the future. What you need to do is be temporally at the mercy of the other person which might evoke monetary consequences, but they won’t last long.

The second step is letting the person know that you wish your friendship would be back to better. This is a-fixing-a-frienship-broken-chad-grayot-blogessential because when we are stubborn we don’t show any mercy or ever raise a white flag as we feel we are right no matter what. But guess what, that other person is thinking the same thing. This is where you need to stay open minded, make sure to control what you say back, and let the other person get their way. They are right at the moment even if they are wrong, you just have to accept it. This is the only way to allow the door to open up, that white flag on their end to start appearing, and get you back in connection with them. Good chances are you are going to be the punching bag and you need to understand you have to deal with it. You might get lectured, might get yelled at, might get taunted, proven wrong but that’s ok.

The last step allows you to make it better. Get back to some fun memory talks about the good times you used to have, and the first time you hang out go do something you normally would have done. This allows the fun to start flowing in, both parties to really see how much they missed each other’s company, and the friendship to start growing again. Whatever situation happened, make sure that you avoid any similarities to deplete any trouble happening again.

By doing these basic three steps you build back up to how you used to be. It takes time but it is worth it. back-to-being-friends-chad-grayot-blogLife is small and growing old with those we love being around is so essential. We can’t waste a friendship over something so small or even minutely major. Get out there, be the punching bag for a little but, be the sucker temporarily, but get back to having fun and building the memories you want to remember.

You got this…

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