Understanding how to wake up and start your day the right way…

Now before we dive too far into this topic lets really analyze what this means and the whole concept of how waking up can be done wrong. How can it be wrong? How can it be right? The best part is there is a million right ways and only a handful of wrong ones so you got this. chad-grayot-blog So sit back and think to yourself on how you woke up this morning. Did you hit that nice little snooze button 7 times over the course of about a half hour? Did you rush out of bed through the maze in your house half able to focus trying to get the coffee pot started? Maybe you just fell out of bed. Sound familiar? So good chances are you might be around those parameters of examples on how you woke up this morning. It could be that you just woke up not excited for work, to go to school, to go run errands on your day off, or even to wake others up and get their day started. All this sounds pretty similar hey? So if you are a part of this wake up cycle or even remotely similar to any of those scenarios, then you are amongst the group of wrong way to wakerupers. But don’t worry, this is easy to change. Think about why this is wrong though? What is it really affecting?  Each example seems like it might get your day started in a little bit of a hectic way. You rush, you grunt, you bitch, and exhaust your self within the first hour of even being awake. How does this set the rest of your day up? It definitely doesn’t start it off for success. Now lets kick all of those current ways into the trash. Picture how you want your day to start each and every morning. For me, it is stress free, ready to take on the chaos of my day, and excited that a new day is here and that I am able to even take on life’s challenges. Sound good?  So to make this happen, what you need to do first and foremost even before you open those little eyes of yours is to unleash your smile and let it out. This must be done right when you wake up and consistently while stepping out of bed. This will let you and your brain know that everything is peachy keen and that no matter what you have in store for the day, it will go the best way possible. So waking up with a smile is our game plan. It sounds a little silly, maybe corny and goofy as well but is a must. Each day we run into so many challenges that test our ability as individuals. When we are tested we need to understand that no matter what we will keep smiling and conquer through life’s tasks and make the best of it. Stop hitting a snooze button, stop crawling for the shower or for that cup of joe, and stop not smiling. Tomorrow we practice this. Right when you wake up to start your day let that smile out, stretch those arms nice and wide, and take a deep breath and admire something small. See how that feels and how you can make it even better than that. You got this, do not loose focus or forget.

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