Understanding how important it is to always be you…no matter what

How many times have you caught yourself rocking out to your favorite song in your car as if you had Michael Jacksons moves mixed with a Beyoncé voice then all the sudden a car pulls up next to you and looks over and all the sudden you look like you are listening to news talk radio, or a yoga meditation, because you thought that person might judge you. It is hard how society nissan_woman_singing_rocking_out_in_car_chad_grayotis structured at times to realize how truly important it is to always be ourselves. We let the idea of how others might be watching us depict our moods and actions. We become so conservative with our personalities on a regular basis because we seem to think that what others actually think about us matters.

We need to understand that doing what makes us laugh at our own selves is perfectly fine. You can’t sit back and deny how much fun it looks when you see a stranger start dancing in the mall to a good song over the speakers just because they love that song and loved to dance. Or when one of those Grease songs comes on and you want to start moving your left foot back and forth like they always do. I mean, in reality if we didn’t care about judgment, then whole mall would be busting out the horrid dance moods we all possess.

As kids we are able to really enjoy who we are and this is a good example we should all look back on. When we were kids, every day was a miss organized blast. We would skip around and twirl at the ceiling lights, or drive our toy truck with our hands over the sculptures in the mall and try to sing opera with our high pitched voices. What we always we did is what we I-must-go-my-people-need-me-chad-grayotwanted to do. If you really look back you notice as grade school started and the years progressed all the sudden we started dressing to impress others, played different parts around our peers like we were in a movie, and slowly became more and more conservative on our actions. All of this because of this idea in life that others could actually impact our lives from what they thought.

Any time we start to put on a front that isn’t ourselves, sit back and think what it is actually doing. Is it going to get you a date you might not have got? Will it land you that dream job you have always wanted? Is it going to make you happy? Or is it going to put you in a position that you have to keep being fake. Maybe it gets you the second date and you have to hide who you really are more, and even worse, maybe it gets you that job and you are forced to go to each day acting like someone you aren’t. All it is going to do is nothing for you. It is going to spiral on and on into making you do what you don’t want to do. So don’t do that.

So in life go sing when you want to sing, say hello to anyone and everyone, shed a tear at a good movie because it feels good and enjoy being you. Some people won’t follow along but some will. Those who do are going to be the ones who are having a blast with you in life anyways and that’s what we should be doing. Never forget that being you is the best part of the day. Now go enjoy, go laugh, and understand how being you is the best thing that ever happened to you.Funny-horse

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