Understanding how to be healthy and why…

chadgrayot-healthy-life-inshape-blogSeems simple, but we all know that it is not. Being healthy is a day to day challenge that requires a great deal of our attention and will never go away. It takes time, it takes effort, but it is not hard  to do. It is all mental and with this blog we will overcome those challenges and progressively become more healthy together.

So let us try and make this easy as possible. Straight forward, we have one house to live in our  entire life, and that is our body. We need to treat our body the way it should be treated, so that it  provides us the results we want. The better we treat it, the better our lives will progress along and the more happiness will follow.

So we all know that we do not want to be sick, we definetly do not want to be tired, and there is no way we ever want to develop a terminal disease or even a short term disease that can hinder our fun, make us sad, and make others around us sad. Any of these symptoms are in direct relation to us being healthy. We get sick because we do not eat right, we gain terminal diseases because our bodies becoming obese and out of shape, and we just do not have as much Being-Healthy-chadgrayot-blog fun as we should because we are not healthy.  If we eat right on a regular basis we always have energy to deal with the challenges of the day like work, kids, relationships, fun activities we love to do, and more.

Temptation is always going to be there. People get really creative with the amazing food combinations they come up with that catch our eye and want us to have more. This is all great, but what would you prefer; would you prefer going outside for a nice hike with your friends, or going and kicking a soccer ball with your child, or endulging down  cheese burger with chadgrayot-blog-unhealthybacon, onion rigns, and four cheeses in a wheel chair that’s run off a battery because you have become to obese and weak to walk? We all know how good that burger tastes and yes we love it , but it is not worth getting unhealthy.

Be healthy, treat your body right, exercise, and live a fulfilled life smiling and laughing, not complaining and living in doctors offices.

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