Understanding how to laugh a little more in life…

To start, if in an appropriate environment, laugh really quick. It can be a fake one,  a silly one, a weird one, or even be an odd one, just do it (I know it sounds awkward, but just do it). Now do it again, and repeat doing it just a couple times. How was it? Did it noticeably increase each time laughing-horselaughing-chad-grayot-blog by a little bit? Maybe your smile became a little larger, the voice in the laugh a little louder, and the movement in the body wiggled a little more. Good chances are it did and great chances are it felt amazing even though there was no true meaning to this.

With laughing in life, we sometimes catch ourselves loosing focus on how much fun laughing is and can be. When we were young children even the dumbest, most little silly thing would make us bust out in an amazing and full bodied laughing attack. Someone would make a dumb face at you, with the world’s most awkward noise (click this for a perfect example) and the next thing you knew we were literally peeing ourselves in an hysterical laugh. you-dont-stop-laughing-because-you-grow-old-chadgrayot-blogThe entire reasoning for all of this is because it felt amazing. Our most favored part of our day was to laugh.

So now we need to refigure out how much fun it used to be, and incorporate it back into our lives. We need to start laughing at any thing and everything. Laugh at goofy looking animals, laugh at yourself in your head to a funny story you love to remember, laugh at a laugh, and laugh at nothing. Go somewhere in pubic (where deemed appropriate) like a bus stop, train stop, or something of that sort and begin to laugh. See how good it feels and laugh as loud as you want. When you do this those who are around you will begin to laugh as well and get a case of the laugh-attacks. You will literally start a laughathon because those who are around you will start to remember how amazing it feels to laugh. (click here and it will direct you to a perfect short video clip proving this hypothesis)

The whole point of all of this is that you need more laughing in your life. It could be a full blown case of the giggles or a mild breeze of a laugh, but any category of how you laugh will brighten others-making-me-laugh-chadgrayot-blog your day that much more and make you feel truly at peace and happy at that moment.

Go try and wear out the concept and it will reverse on you and provide positive effects. Now go laugh and tell someone else to laugh.

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