Understanding how to successfully interview for a potential job…

So very simple new topic but essential for society as it is so easy to incorrectly interview for a job. How many times have you landed the perfect job interview, gone in, conducted the interview, left, didn’t get the job, and thought to yourself…What did I do wrong?  As much as we want to blame external factors for interview-decision-chad-grayot-blogthe reasoning we were not hired, the truth is we probably did not understand how to successfully interview for the job. Yes, you might not have been the right person for the job, but if you were able to obtain the interview there is good reasoning for it.

To begin, we need to understand how important it is to know the company we are interviewing for. If you walk into the interview and the interviewer asks you a simple questions like… Why do you want to work for us? Or.. What do you think about our company vision or history? And you do not know the answer to this, then you should not be in that interview. Before ever even taking an interview and agreeing to it, you need to research EVERY aspect of the company to make sure you want to spend seconds of your day there each week (see my blog on how to utilize every second in each day). A job is and will always be a part of our life and our day to day doings as we grow old. Research the company, understand the company, know why you actually want to work there, then accept the interview if deemed suited for you. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR THE POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS TIME.

 So if you  have agreed to take the interview, let’s start with the basics. If you are dressed in anything other than the most professional piece of clothing wear that you own or could get your hands on then you are starting off wrong. It doesn’t interview-tips-2-chad-grayot-blogmatter if you are interviewing for Taco Bell or Microsoft; in any interview EVER, you dress to impress with your shirt tucked in, hair done neat, clean shave, fresh brush of the teeth, and a smile on your face. If you do not own clothing wear of this sort, you immediately reach out to anyone and everyone and obtain it for the brief time you need it. 

 Now that we have dressed accordingly (and that is professional no matter what the position is unless asked otherwise) we need to know what we want to gain out of the interview. Yes, we know we will be asked questions, we will be required to provide answers, we will have to explain ourselves and the interviewer will want to see if we are perfect for the position. So what else though? What are we missing? This cliché of interviews messes with our thought process. Of course THEY will want to make sure we are perfect for the job, but YOU need to make sure the job is perfect for you. YOU need to make sure what the position entails suits you perfectly. YOU will be the one showing up when the job requires you to, YOU will be conducting the tasks and work the position asks for, and YOU, YOU, and only YOU, will be working for that company doing the job that is trying to be filled in the interview.


So what does the last paragraph mean? It means to ask questions. Ask how your days will be going, ask how the last person in that position liked the job, ask the hours, ask if you need to stay late, or if you need to come in early, and every other possible question that might influence you when you will be working at that company in that position. MAKE SURE THIS JOB IS FOR YOU. 

 All of this is the basics. We will dive further into detail about getting a job, interviewing, and more. For now just make sure you understand that to successfully interview for a job you need to; make sure you know the company and are sure you want to work for them, dress as perfect as you possibly can no matter what, and ask every single question you might have for the job so that when you are spending seconds of your day there, you are ok with it and know why.

Now go out and successfully interview for a potential job…http://www.jobinterviewperfection.com/

So if you get this job read my blog on Understanding how to wake up and start your day the right way… and Understanding how to successfully get to work each day…

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