Understanding how to successfully get to work each day…


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So some of you may drive, some may walk, others may take the bus, but we all have a way that we get to work. So within that commute you may be listening to music, drinking or chugging your coffee, doing your makeup (hopefully not), have the car completely silent so you can listen to your self, speeding out of control praying the next light is green because you are late, or like most, you are stressing the hell out that you are even going to work wishing you were doing anything else. If you are any of this, just stop. Take it and leave it in the past and move on to the next paragraph for your future.


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Here is what you should be doing. The drive to work each day gives you an amazing opportunity to relax, catch up on some fun thoughts, and admire all of the amazing things in life we are blessed with. When is the last time you smiled at a nice house, admired a tree that would be perfect to climb up, laughed because you saw someone else laughing, or just looked back at all the memories you have created over time and love the most? All of this is an opportunity to use each and every day when you go to work. Stop focusing on the craziness of the day beginning, or stressing yourself out at what is ahead. Take control of your emotions, understand that no matter what YOU got this. Accept and overcome the challenges of the day successfully.

The time you have, whether it is five minutes or an hour to get to work, is where you can create such positivity that nothing will get in your way. Of course there will be problems to attend, complicated tasks, or duties, but there is nothing that can hinder you from smiling and making them happen in the best way possible.

If you read my prior blog about how to properly wake up in the morning you understand how to get your day started. Does starting your day off with a smile make any sense to let it go and stress out on the way to work? Definitely not. It does no good at any point and wastes quality seconds in each day (my other blog on how to use each second in each day would argue with you dramatically)  Every time you go to work you should maintain that smile. Tomorrow, go practice it. Go smile at something neat, admire something dumb and silly, get a case of the giggles, and utilize your time getting to work. This will allow you successfully get to work each day. YOU GOT THIS.

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