Understanding how to deal with the death of someone you care about…

This is a very touchy subject, but one of the most important. Life runs its cycle regardless if we like it or not, so we all need  to know how to deal with this part of our life. The reality is that we will have to deal with death many times over the years. This blog is to prepare you for what inevitably will happen so that you are ready and don’t collapse or break when the time happens. So to begin, what is it that we all normally see ourselves doing at the moment we loose someone

Photo Credit: alluniquethings.com

Photo Credit: alluniquethings.com

we care about in life? This is important to reflect back on ourselves the last time we lost someone (as hard as it might be still) to see the impact that death is having on us. Everyone is a little different, but for most it seems as though we cry, we begin to hurt, we feel anger, we freak out, we yell , we scream, and we break down. We break down so hard that we cannot focus, we cannot work, we cannot go to school, and we cannot even maintain ourselves. We stop living life too at that moment. So what do we do you are probably asking your self? We smile. That is right, we smile. We sit back and smile at every memory that life gave us with that person. We laugh at the funny experiences we shared with them, we giggle to all the silly thoughts that come to mind, and we admire the memories we created with them. Instead or mourning and hurting, we smile and

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

laugh. We allow ourselves to kick back and have a great time looking back at those times we shared with one another. We grab friends who shared memories with that person and start on a story telling rampage which creates a chain reaction of more and more memories coming back to us. To get all of this in the best perspective, think about it this way. Think about if you were the one who had passed away and you had the ability to see all of those who cared about you right after. Would you want to see all of them so hurt that they could not live life? Or them crying so hard their tears began to hurt? No, hell no, never. The last thing that you would ever want is to see those who you care about sad. But what if you looked at all them and saw them crying in laughter over all the amazing times you spent together? Or if you saw them smiling and excited waiting their turn to tell the next awesome story about you and them? Well we all know the answer to this. Of course we would want to see them looking back, reminiscing, and enjoying a huge smile of their face because of you. So we need to understand that when death occurs, start smiling. Understand that there is nothing we can do about them being gone, but there are smiles we can create to look back and enjoy on. Let yourself get lost in time and create joy from it. Now look back at someone you lost and let off a good laugh to a good moment with them, and maintain a huge smile at that memory.

2 thoughts on “Understanding how to deal with the death of someone you care about…

  1. This is Awesome! I’d like to share how “smiling” helped me get through the lose of our son Max, @23, 40 months ago…then my 65 yr old brother 4 months after Max, then my Mom 2 months later!!! Chad you are awesome! Smile Every Day!!!

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