Understanding the importance of choosing the right career path in life…

Best-job-ever-chad-grayot-google-being-happySo to live our lives to the fullest we need to understand the importance of choosing the right career. How many times lately have you been around others that just hate their job? They hate going to work, complain when they are on break, and complain for hours after they get off until the next day starts. You ask a simple conversation starter like “how was your day” and they would answer with the most negative, mind blowing comment related to their job. Maybe its their mean boss, or how tired they are, or even about how they hate doing the work they are doing. So often do you even find people miserable on a Sunday afternoon at the pure image of thinking about going to their job the next day? Society even has an excuse when something is going wrong like a slow computer that “its because its Monday.” Ever noticed people getting happier toward Wednesday, full of energy on a Thursday, then shining with bright colors like they walked in Toys-R-Us for their first time when you see them at 8AM on Friday? Oh we know we do.

This is why it is essential to choose the right career path. The last thing you want to do is spend your day complaining, being irritated, or being bummed out because of being at work. You sure do not want to go home and still be thinking about that now-and-then-its-good-to-pause-in-our-pursuit-of-happiness-and-just-be-happy-chad-grayotmiserable day, and counting down the hours until the next miserable day happens. Or even worse bringing your friends, family, or complete strangers involved on how hectic your day was and how you dread the next. Is this a way to live life? No way. Someone couldn’t pay me $1000 an hour to waste 8 hours of every single day in my life being absolutely unhappy and making others around me feel the same as me. And work comes home with us so it’s truly about 10-12 hours of your day.

Even as tempting as a $1000 an hour or even more sounds you really need to ask yourself what life is about for you. First of all think about how fast it is going right now. Maybe you are out of high school, out of college, and already approaching 30. Where the hell did the years go? Or do you have kids and are wondering how fast they grew up? First birthday gone, all the Work Life Balance Signpost Showing Career And Leisure Harmonysudden first day of school, now they are planning their lives out around you. So what the importance of all this is, is for you to understand that since you are spending a 1/3 of your entire day, every day at work, you need to choose a career path that you enjoy.

When we all were kids we use to come up with ideas of jobs we wanted to do when we grew up. We wanted to be a fireman, police man, ballerina, singer, jet fighter pilot, or whoever gets to be in the Mickey Mouse outfit at Disneyland. Did we think we would be punching numbers in a computer all day, or dealing with unhappy people in an office, or punching an annoying time clock walking away from work depressed? NO. We chose all these ideas because we knew they would be fun. We understood more as a kid then we do as an adult. We focused on what was fun, made us laugh, and sounded adventurous in our eyes.

Now is the time to get back to those ideas. If you are in a career path, there is nothing stopping you from changing it. If it takes you are few happy years to get the skills you had at the past miserable job you worked for 10 years then so be it. Don’t sit around any day ever, wishing you had done something different, or how amazing life could be if you had gone another direction. Change now. Change and move forward. Be who you want to be and be happy. It will take time and you need to make sure you do it right, but make it happen. Start smiling. Life is flying by every day and not going to stop so get out and there and enjoy it. You got this.


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